Saturday, August 11, 2012

Skirt?.... Finally a dress!

I always wear the pieces I design, not just because I design it or because I like the pieces but because I really like the fit and feel of the material even after a couple hours of moving around in it.

After designing this Skirt/Tube Dress and trying it on, I was not that confident wearing it as a dress mainly because of my body (Yes, I too have some trouble with the "gorditos" around my lower belly ) so, I always wore it as a skirt. Until today I woke up feeling sexy and extra confident; and decided to give it a try. Even if I'll never have the body of the model pictured below. (See picture attached)

What-the-hell, today is the day I'm rocking my skirt, dress! Here are the pictures to prove it.

You to should give it a try!

Dress: RDo Summer 2012 Collection, Belt: Available at RDo Women's Wear, Shoes: Black Wedges from GUESS

Watch: Michael Kors, Shades: Pink Aviator Shades from Madewell, (I scored it on sale at the store in Lincoln Road on South Beach and got it in every color available) I know, I know. It was one of those fashion weakness moments.

Shown as a skirt in picture 

HOW TO: Fold over your hips the extra material and add your favorite top.

Shown as a dress in picture

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