Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nicole Miller and Fashion Group International

 Last Wednesday, I was invited to attend a great event hosted by the Fashion Group International of South Florida.  The event was to honor American Designer Nicole Miller as she celebrated her 30th year in the fashion industry in conjunction with the events for Funskion Fashion Week in Miami.

I was very exited to attend and started preparing my look for the event immediately after receiving the invite. I wanted to wear a cocktail dress, but after seeing a picture of a super chic maxi skirt in the Fall Vogue Magazine, I fell in love with the look and had to wear it. I looked in my closet for a maxi skirt that I made back in 1998, (lol), but I was not able to find it. After much frustration and looking into my many bags of clothes. I noticed the bag of unfinished items that I set aside to send to a seamstresses in the Dominican Republic. To my surprise, I saw the silk taffeta gown I started sewing in 2007 and never got to complete. I thought to myself that this will make the perfect skirt for the event. Immediately the next day, I began to redesign of this taffeta dress. In the pictures below, you can see both my inspiration and the final results. All in all, here's a very good reason why I don't get rid of things. You never know when you will need it.

During the event, I got a chance to speak with the talented Nicole Miller. I asked her for some advice regarding longevity and success in the fashion industry. She said to me," The industry is hard to start in." She explained, "You need to love it in order to success." I thought then I guess I'm on the right track.

Here's my inspiration
Inspiration from Vogue Magazine Fall 2012

Final Product

Wearing: Taffeta skirt by Rucht D'oleo, Black voile cotton race back top by RDo (Fall Collection 2009), Handmade Tibet necklace by Local Jewelry Designer Ricardo Ramirez available at RDo Boutique.

I added pockets to the skirt!!

Pictured with designer Nicole Miller

One of the kind Ricardo Ramirez 22 K gold antique prayer box from Tibet with rubies and emerald stones, agate.  Exclusively at RDo Women's Wear Boutique.

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