Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Big Buddha Available at RDo Boutique

1. Accessories
Feminine, bold or vintage inspired pieces. Whether you are layering pieces or stacking bracelets. We have stocked up on accessories for every occasion. Check out this Boho-Chic Oversize Tote, a must have for this season. Did we forget to mention, oversized embellished necklaces. Check out the one pictured above.

Available at RDo Boutique

2. Feminine Dresses
Embrace your girly side with a super cute dress. You can be super chic & stylish or try a flirty cocktail dress. When running errands or lounging around the house comfy draping dress are always a go to. Check out this LBD (Little Black Dress) we have at the boutique.


Snake skin belts available at RDo Boutique

3. Animal Print
It's a jungle out there and we have the animal print pieces to prove it. Animal print is the new nude. Don't be afraid to play around and see what looks good on you. We have jumpers, dresses, blouses and belts in animal print.

Short Jumper available at RDo Boutique

4. Jumpers 101
In print and solid colors. You can be sure to find jumpers in a variety of styles and colors at RDo Boutique. Offered in versatile and comfy fabrics that is easy to wear and great for both work or play.



5. Booties/Ankle Boots
Booties are the no longer the cute shoes you find on babies. They are the hottest feet accessories for year round fashion. Easily paired with a dress, pant or a skirt. This shoe is a must for any closet.

What are you waiting for?  Call us TODAY or stop by to pick out your favorite fall fashion items.

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