Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Im back!!

 Im back!!Cool
After closing the boutique last year and having everything (Including ticket) ready to move to New York , but it looks like its in God plans for me to stay here.
Without looking, a friend recommended me for a job in a well establish company  here in Miami which I like a lot and they like me even more since they hired me on the spot. Im doing what I was doing for my company without all the administrative responsibilities that comes with owing a business and  without the long hours I had to work at the boutique, which gives me more time to focus in other things I enjoy doing, like teaching.

Many of you know how much I love to teach so besides working for Veggies Petit Pois, INC I was also hired by  Miami Dade College to teach sewing and pattern classes starting next month. Please see the info below and share it!!

                                 Basic Sewing Techniques

Are you a fashion designer by heart and who obviously has a talent, but may lack knowledge of pattern-making and sewing? Is it your dream to have your designs featured in magazines, major fashion shows and sold all over the world? Have you even made your own outfit to wear for a special occasion, or just around the house? Were you complimented and told you should start selling your designs? or you just want to learn the basics about sewing to do your own items and alterations? Regardless of your intention... you need to learn from the pros....

Taught by the veteran fashion designer behind RDo Womens Wear Boutique, Rucht D`Oleo  has more than 15 years of experience within the fashion industry and was named "Best designer of the year" in 2008 by Funkshion Fashion Week. Basic Sewing Techniques will guide you step by step on how to make your own styles, sewing techniques and how to use the machine.
 This 6 weeks course is for you!! subscribe clinking the link bellow today. Space is limited

Class Details, MDC School of Community Education & Professional Development

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